TV Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

Karen has hundreds of hours of live TV and Radio Experience and can discuss all aspects of Psychotherapy including Celebrity Issues , Sexual Issues , Guilt , Anger and any current News stories. She counselled The Duchess of York live on air for The Ophrah Winfrey show.

Doctor Doctor – Channel 5

On the live Channel Five TV show Doctor, Doctor, Karen sat with a panel of doctors to discuss medical problems. In conjunction with Dr Raj Persaud, Karen then answered calls live on air and counselled viewers who had experienced trauma.

Treatment for Vertigo – GMTV

Karen was inundated with calls after one of her appearances on GMTV, when she treated a man with acute fear of heights, and then took him – live on air – on to the London Eye.

His previous panic attacks had been caused by a serious trauma in his life that he had not properly come to terms with. 
By deeply relaxing him, she accessed his sub-conscious and was able to change his behaviour and old belief systems, thereby changing his life drastically – and enabling him to embrace everything life has to offer.

Sleep Advice Video