Sexual and Emotional Abuse

Inner Child Therapy – Sexual Abuse

When we are born we are a blank page – so any suggestion goes in as gospel. If our parents or caretakers say, for example, that we are stupid, we will believe it, because we have nothing to compare against. If then we go to school and the teacher says: ‘stupid boy’ (or girl), then again the belief is compounded. If a friend innocently says ‘stupid idiot’, the person will firmly believe that they are stupid. This belief can be changed by deeply relaxing the client in hypnosis and accessing the subconscious to change old belief systems.

When we are brought up in an environment where our parents or caretakers are critical, we will interpret that feeling as love and security. A human beings two basic needs are No 1: Love, and No 2: Security. So in later life we will gravitate towards a person and show a romantic interest because we recognise something in our subconscious that tells us that this person is right for us because they display something from our past (which in fact could be inappropriate but just feels right again). By accessing the subconscious we can help people from repeating bad patterns.

For example a client who keeps having relationships with men who are violent and has given up all thoughts of becoming the professional tennis player that she trained for, even though her trainer thoroughly encourages her and admires her huge talent. Although a lovely person and aesthetically gorgeous, she believes she is a bad person and most unattractive. We discover that her father repeatedly beat her abused her and locked her up. She has not left the house in 12 years and cannot find it in her heart to leave the man who is so cruel to her. As well as therapy she can give herself good affirmations, i.e.:

•    I am intelligent
•    I am beautiful
•    I deserve acceptable behaviour from others
•    I am a good person
•    I enjoy going out and having fun
•    There are so many wonderful things outside.

We take her back to her childhood to do Inner Child Therapy. Here we take her through all the stages of childhood and in hypnosis give her all the love and cuddles she never had. She has to forgive her father and herself and Karen installs lots and lots of self confidence and ego-boosting to make her realise that she is the beautiful person inside and out that she really is. Then after regaining her confidence to go out she has another session for performance enhancement to visualise and realise her success again as a professional tennis player.