Anger, guilt and forgiveness

Guilt, Anger, Forgiveness – Resolving Past Incidents

When we harbour guilt, anger or lack of forgiveness in our bodies we cannot go forward with our lives. With Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy we can unblock the past of painful memories. By using uncovering techniques we can discover which areas need to be addressed, as if throwing out a bag of rubbish from the body. For example a client who when questioned whether her family was loving, harboured many problems in that area – particularly with her parents who were very dominant and cold and who never had fun. When she suffered a trauma they were unable to help.

As an adult she suffers huge anxiety with most things. She thought she could rectify everything by overcompensating by giving her own children everything and more. Whenever there is a problem with her children she blames herself unconsciously by having a panic attack. Even if she does something slightly non-conformist, she will panic after the event – even though she has a very loving husband and children of her own now.

After talking to her, Karen makes her deeply relaxed and in the trance she is able to say all the things to her mother that to hurt her, made her angry, jealous etc. She then has to totally forgive her mother and herself completely. Then she is given a huge amount of ego boosting and confidence. She concentrates on the amount she has achieved in her life and the loving support system around her.