In this programme Karen explains how some things are too difficult to address so we repress painful memories and puzzle over our behaviour.

For example a client man who is besotted with his partner but is unable to make love as much as they both would like. He is also acutely homophobic. They started their affair during her marriage so through hypnosis Karen regresses him back in time to find guilt that could be preventing them to go on with their lives. After not finding anything in his adult life we go back to childhood in fact to age 5 where he suddenly starts screaming and reliving the time when his headmaster raped him. By unblocking the past, he now feels euphoric as if he has removed a large bag of rubbish from his body that has been there for years.

After the session he realises the terrible truth that was too hard for a child to understand – or want to remember – and he can now make love in a loving relationship without his subconscious harbouring anger.