Combating Current Negative Suggestions – Pre/Post Surgery

When going to the specialist i.e. regarding Cancer the specialists, doctors and their assistants often use painted words. In fact, ‘cancer’ itself used to be a painted word. They have to be sure that the patient understands any possible side effects or complications so that they can have their permission to operate without any comeback However this is often done by leaving the patient alone in a small white room with no windows or anything on the wall – to read a clinical, sterile form and then told in the same manner many possible negative suggestions without any positive ones.

For example – ‘there is a chance that you will haemorrhage, scar or die.’ They have to say that for insurance reasons. A terminal patient will be told there is nothing more we can do for you – you have a maximum 2 months to live. So they might die in 2 months instead of maybe 3 years because they start conditioning themselves that that is what will happen.

Surgery is an invasion of our bodies and we need to prepare our minds to relax, and think positively for a successful operation. The mind controls the body and by relaxing we can combat unnecessary tension required for a speedy and good recovery. In hypnosis we can access the subconscious, by using deep relaxation and change negative belief systems but we can also give ourselves good affirmation which will help to control the body i.e.

•    I’m going to survive and cope with this
•    Life can be difficult and life can be amazing – I remember the good times – It will be like that again
•    I will make time to relax
•    I still have fun
•    I can deal with this
•    This is going to work
•    I have power
•    I can help myself
•    I am positive
•    I congratulate myself for working on my mind
•    I can control this
•    My body is listening to my thoughts
•    I picture my good recovery in my mind
•    I am very much loved by all who care

A client had a large Benign tumour in his bowel which needs surgery. As he wanted different opinions, he went to different specialists, who all told him it was benign, but also that he needed major surgery – and that he could scar, haemorrhage or die. Each time he was told this information it compounded in his subconscious as the absolute truth. He had also seen aunt have unnecessary operations for a wrongly diagnosed cancer. His first session of hypnotherapy makes him more confident, calm relaxed and gives him positive affirmations reducing any fear.

On the second Karen teaches him self hypnosis. The third time the Karen goes to his bedside just before the pre-med. As well as making him relaxed in the trance she tells him that his angel of operations and healing will be present (this can be exchanged for whatever source he believes in) in the theatre and for the recovery period and he will be protected in a loving environment comforting and healing him. Totally protected, continuing to heal easily and naturally feeling completely relaxed.

After surgery Karen suggests in the trance that his breathing is improved to sooth cough reflex. Alternately the client could have done his self hypnosis on awakening and can continue to use it during his recovery.