Karen Mann

Karen Mann trained as a Psychotherapist/ Hypnotherapist with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis at Kings College London. She went on to study to advanced level. She then continued at Austin Corporate International, specialising in Medicine. Also studying Sexual Therapy at Lancashire University. She now practices MEDICAL HYPNOSIS and PSYCHOTHERAPY. She practiced for 10 years in Hampstead, before moving to Harley Street.

She uses a compassionate approach to resolving EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL blocks. Originally trained as an actress, she has numerous TV, Film, Radio, and Theatre credits behind her.  Appearances on GMTV and Doctor, Doctor, (Channel 5) feature Karen counselling people live on air.

Additionally she has helped countless patients (including many celebrities) in the United Kingdom, the United States, the West Indies, Singapore, and India to overcome their fears and heal their lives.